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Who We Are..


E.B.Designs was founded in 2022 after almost 2 years in the pipeline. A dream turned reality in which Elizabeth created with the aim to bring harmony and style to all homes no mater the shape, size or budget.​ Based in Oxfordshire but with a worldwide reach, Elizabeth's priority is understanding the specific demands of each project and allowing each client to apply those changes in their own time. Allowing YOU to be just as involved in the home transformation as you'd like, or if you'd prefer, just sit back and let Elizabeth do the hard work for you.
What Elizabeth creates is born from a collaboration with each client and the end result is an inspiring space that allows you to live and let the house work for you. Want to transform your space? Contact me now!

A Bit About Me...
Hello! My name is Elizabeth Berry and I am the Principle Designer and Founder of E.B.Designs. Welcome! For as long as I can remember there has been a property and Interiors passion which has burned inside me, this could be why I've spent more than 10 years working with properties in some shape or form.
A wife and Mum of two beautiful children I have been lucky enough throughout my life to have lived in many stunning locations around the world, from the Cotswolds to Dubai as well as Isle of Man and many parts of Asia. With my knowledge of cultures alongside my Masters in Marketing and Brand Management as well as my Internationally recognised Diploma in Interior Design I have decided to follow my passion in Interiors with the main goal of Enhancing Bespoke Designs inside each and everyone's home.
Today, I feel fortunate enough to utilise my collected skills over the years to elevate peoples homes. My aesthetic is Contemporary Modern with a Farmhouse influence. If this sounds like a mix of many different styles then you'd be correct. I love to combine the old with new and to preserve any original features if and when possible!


5 Quick Facts about Me:

1. Growing up I lived in 6 different countries, Including Dubai for 11 years.

2. I used to collect Beanie Babies... I have about 250 in a storage box... still! 

3. My favourite go to TV show to watch when I need cheering up is Friends!

4. I loved Friends so much growing up, I even named my daughter after Phoebe! 

5. The bravest thing I've done was moving countries with a 6 month old baby away from family. It was hard but got me to where I am today.

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